Eggstravaganza Hamburger Stand – August 11, in the park. Help is needed to set up, clean up and work in the stand beginning at 11 am until closing late in the evening. The profit will go towards a building mortgage payment. Stop by or call school to sign up or in the fellowship hall after church.
This year is the 135th Anniversary of Immanuel Lutheran School and Church. We will be celebrating on August 26th.
Y.I. Stamp Club:  All students who have Y.I accounts are eligible to receive up to $25 a calendar year from LCEF as a reward for good grades.  $1 is awarded for each “A” grade per subject per quarter up to the maximum per year. Students age 7-18 who have Y.I accounts are also eligible to receive an additional $25 a calendar year for participating in community service projects.  Eligibility requires a minimum of 10 hours of service per calendar year.  The Service Hours Extra Credit Form provides further details on eligibility.  We will have copies of the form available or the form can be obtained on-line at  in the “Helpful Documents” section on the right hand sidebar.