May 21- Kindergarten-Make stools 1:45pm-3:15pm
May 22- Lilienthal Animal Show, 9:30am
May 23 – NO Chapel
May 23- Ambulance Visit-9am
May 24 – Morning Chapel
May 24 – Last day of school, graduation, awards, and potluck, 6pm

Summer School – Immanuel is pleased to offer three different summer school options this year. Fliers were sent home. If you would like to participate but have not turned in the form, please see Mrs. King to ensure there is space.

Vacation Bible School – We hope that your children will be able to attend VBS from June 10th-14th, 6-8pm at Immanuel Church. This program is for ages 3-10 years old. Call the church office (237-2380) and register ASAP.

Kindergarten Footstools: Just a reminder: Students need to have an adult to work with them, a hammer, and a cloth.

Last Day of School – We will have our last chapel at church Thursday morning. This will also be our last opportunity to give offerings for the Guatemala mission project. Let’s do our best at raising this amount.

PreK 4 Students – We hope that they can attend the closing service at 6pm. They will be participating with all the students in singing praises to God.

Y.I. Stamp Club: We had 2 more students join the Stamp Club. That brings our total to 30 students at our school! It was great to see the long line on Wednesday to buy stamps. Saving money is fun and helps others learn about Jesus. It’s never too late to join!
Y. I.  Club announcement:  In addition to the 3.5% interest rate on Y.I accounts (for the first $1000), your child can increase their account in the following ways.
The Immanuel Ladies Aid is sponsoring the Y.I Stamp Club Birthday program.  Each Stamp Club member will receive a birthday card from Ladies Aid which can be brought to the Stamp Club table on Wednesday mornings and redeemed for a FREE $1 Stamp.
REMINDER:  All students who have Y.I accounts are eligible to receive up to $25 a calendar year from LCEF as a reward for good grades.  $1 is awarded for each “A” grade per subject per quarter up to the maximum per year.  We will make the Good Grades Extra Credit Form available or the form can be obtained on line at  in the “Helpful Documents” section on the right hand sidebar.
MORE!  Students age 7-18 who have Y.I accounts are also eligible to receive an additional $25 a calendar year for participating in community service projects.  Eligibility requires a minimum of 10 hours of service per calendar year.  The Service Hours Extra Credit Form provides further details on eligibility.  We will have copies of the form available or the form can be obtained on-line at  in the “Helpful Documents” section on the right hand sidebar.




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