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Y.I. Club Stamp Program:
where saving money is fun and helps others learn about Jesus!  

As of November 16, Immanuel has 27 members!  It’s never too late to join.  Every Wednesday before school, Mr. & Mrs. Zumhofe will be at school in the Commons area with the stamps.  (On Sundays they are by the Sunday School office at church.)  When a student fills up a sheet with $25 worth of stamps, the sheet goes home to the parents to be filled out and sent in to Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) to either start a Steward Account or add to an existing one (at 3.5% interest!)  For more information, call the school for an information sheet, or pick one up in the Sunday School office.

This is a great way to help children learn responsibility, save for future needs, and help Immanuel receive rebate dollars!


Grades K-8 will follow Sibley East for late starts, early outs, or canceled days of school.  If S.E. closes due to bad weather conditions, I.L.S. will also close.

The PreK (4 yr. olds) will follow S.E. closings except when there is a late start.  Then PreK will be closed due to the lack of transportation at 11 am.

The Learning Center will make every effort to be open but will be closed if there are severe weather conditions.  Additionally, you may sign up for email and text alerts through KARE 11, or WCCO.  The information is available on their websites.

The supply list for all classrooms can be viewed as a PDF file at this link.
2016-2017 supply list updated 8.5.16